Howard Beauchamp
Art Director-print-broadcast for 22 years


After transferring to Canada from TBWA London Howard worked on creating result driven as well as award winning work for clients such as Panasonic, Manon Chocolates, Salvation Army, Volvo Canada, Canadian Airlines, Weston Bakeries / Wonder Bread to name just a few. Howard created the revolutionary ad campaign for Volvo which was the first ad to ever appear on the spine of Canadian magazines. In 2008 Howard was awarded the honor of being asked to participate as a judge for the advertising section of PDN Awards. Not only does he meet the client expectations but he has a tendency to blow them out of the water, an example being the creator of Sprint Canada’s campaign “RED IS SMARTER” which increased sales by over 300% , and for the Salvation Army , ”The Invisible campaign” not only was regarded by the Salvation Army as the best campaign they had ever done , but also over exceeded donations year over year. His work has also taken brands from a number five in the market to a number one. He has also been awarded the highest honors from the advertising community from work in the Canadian Hall of Fame as well as receiving a prestigious Gold Lion at Cannes,a Gold One Show Pencil,and numerous Gold Art Directors awards for his work from around the globe.


Labatts, Canadian Airlines, Lincoln Continental, Nissan, Volvo Cars, Salvation Army, Mercedes Benz, Infiniti Automobiles,, ABC Literacy, SCA/Tena, Sun Life Financial, Panasonic Security Cameras Toshiba Computers, Kodak Eastman, Smirnoff Vodka, Nikon Cameras, Life Savers,O2 Spa Bar, Procter & Gamble, Wonder Bread, Scotia Bank, Remi-America / Cointreau, Presidents Choice Organics, E- Post,Sprint Canada, Manon Chocolates, B2B LAUNCH/Roya Wall covering Manufacturing / Sun Life Financial, Aviva Insurance of Canada, Casino Rama, Edmonton International Airport . Jameson bank / Website design / Concept . Tampa International Airport . The Florida Orchestra .


AWARDS Gold Lion / Cannes / Panasonic print single
Gold One Show Pencil / Panasonic print Single One show Finalist / Salvation Army Campaign Gold International Print Campaign / Valderma Gold Art Directors / Labatt .5 - T.V. Campaign Gold Art Directors / Labatt .5 - T.V. single Gold Art Directors / Wonder Bread Campaign Gold Art Directors / Wonder Bread Single Communication Arts / Panasonic Security Cameras 2005 AWARDS: GRAPHIS POSTER "PICK" & GRAPHIS advertising "-NUGGETS" by Manon 2006 AWARDS: GRAPHIS POSTER "Volvo advertising" . . . Canadian Advertising Hall of Fame for Labatt .5 Skier tv 30 sec Bronze, TV Single, Canadian Airlines (1993) Bronze, TV Single, Labatt (1992)